What Does Your Social Security Disability Attorney Need to Know

Sometimes people need the assistance of a social security disability attorney to help them with the claim that they need to file. Because this is a federal government program that has been designed to support citizens who can no longer work due to a disability, people can take advantage of these finances when they need it most. However, before an individual can secure the funds from this kind of program, there is a process that they will need to adhere to, and it is managed by the social security administration.

Even though the benefits are available to citizens when needed, there is process of approval that people will need to follow very closely prior to being granted the finances for their specific situation. Also, due to the complexity of this program, its not uncommon for an individual to seek out the assistance of a SS disability attorney in the initial stages of the process. Therefore, before an individual meets with this kind of attorney, there is some information that they will need to gather so that it can presented for their review.

What items should the individual disclose to their SSD attorney

Previous Work History Information

In order for an individual to obtain help from the social security disability program, they will need to meet specific requirements. One common requirement that people must meet is a certain amount of work credits in order to qualify. Therefore, the person who files the claim must have this kind of information available to present and review with the attorney in the first initial meetings. It is also important to note that the injury that the person has sustained or the illness that they have been diagnosed with must be serious enough to remain off the job for an extended period of time. The list of illnesses and injuries are currently maintained by the social security admininstration so people can review the social security administration site to see how the injury or illness applies.

Medical documentation

If the condition that the person has is on the list, they will need to make sure that they have the appropriate amount of documentation from their physician. The medical documentation should contain the date that the person is expected to be out of work. Specifically, if the illness, disease or injury is expected to last one year or more. In some cases, the social security administration is normally looking for a condition that is serious enough to pay the person while they are off work recovering or until the person’s demise. Regardless to the circumstances, this information should be supplied to the SSD attorney if they want the attorney to win their case in court or settle it on the outside.

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