Month: January 2018

Million Dollar Advocate David J. Hernandez Represents Average ClientsMillion Dollar Advocate David J. Hernandez Represents Average Clients

David J. Hernandez at wins million dollar settlements for accident victims through wrongful death litigation, civil litigation for improper maintenance of traffic control devices, and civil landlord tenant litigation, specifically one landlord’s pit bull attacked a commercial tenant’s client. David Hernandez won $10 million, $2.4 million, and $330,000 respectively for these three clients. He will attempt difficult cases throughout New York City, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

David J. Hernandez and Associates, a minority-owned law firm formed in 1987, practices personal jury, civil litigation, and real estate law for the average client. Hernandez believes in the “noble” cause of standing up to landlords, big municipalities, massive insurance companies, and solvent corporations, which put clients in the streets, don’t care if they are catastrophically injured, or destroy clients’ reputations and livelihood. A graduate of New York University School of Law and Fordham University, David Hernandez represents clients in all of New Jersey and New York, and is recognized by United States Supreme Court.

New York Super Lawyer, in the top 5% of all New York lawyers based on performance, Hernandez was the 50th president of the Puerto Rican Bar Association who contributed to the New York Hispanic Bar Task Force and the New York State Conference of Bar Leaders. Currently, he’s on the Civil Practice Advisory Committee to the Chief Administrative Judge and the Grievance Committee of the Brooklyn Bar Association. He’s a representative to the New York State Bar Association House of Delegates.

Hernandez serves on the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a network of lawyers established in 1993 to inform, advise, and refer clients and attorneys to attorneys recognized for superior accomplishment in their area of endeavor. The Million Dollar Advocates Forum is “the source” for the most-respected best qualified lawyers by state in each area of legal practice.

David J. Hernandez and Associates helps families at the saddest times in their lives, with issues of divorce, child custody, child support, and visitation. He helps clients who must suddenly care for a family member who can no longer care for him or herself or need legal assistance when a family member dies unexpectedly. The Hernandez Law Firm Hernandez practices real estate law, estate planning and probate law. Consultations are free, and the firm advocates for most clients on contingency fees.

His clients highly recommend him. They say, “David J. Hernandez is understanding, well versed in “all” areas of law, and never left their side. His manner is smooth and professional, a truly great lawyer.”

Does the Government Shutdown Effect Workmans Comp?Does the Government Shutdown Effect Workmans Comp?

The recent government shutdown has many people concerned about which programs will continue and which programs will be suspended indefinitely. Workman’s Comp is no different. Many people who receive Workman’s Comp have been wondering if they will still get their benefits or if they will have to find some other avenue of covering a portion of their bills. This is the same question that many individuals are asking who depend on the federal government for employment benefits or assistance of virtually any type. The short answer is that for the time being, Workman’s Comp will continue as scheduled. However, it should be noted that there are no simple answers regarding the government shutdown. There are, however, many gray areas.

Most of the gray areas occur regarding federal employees who are receiving Workman’s Comp before the government shutdown occurred. Private employees who are receiving Workman’s Comp are scheduled to receive their benefits without delay at this time. However, many federal employees who are currently working find themselves either forced off of work until the government shutdown is resolved or they are working without pay. It stands to reason that any federal employee who is currently working and is not being paid can expect not to be paid if they are receiving Workman’s Comp. This is one of the many gray areas that has occurred regarding the government shutdown and many individuals who are directly in the center of this calamity have little knowledge about how they will ultimately be affected.

The other problem is that even more ominous things can happen if the government shutdown is not resolved rapidly. The government will default if the issue is not resolved by mid October. If this is allowed to occur there is a great deal of uncertainty about how many government programs will be affected, including Workman’s Comp. Virtually every individual from federal employees to senior citizens are deeply concerned about whether or not they will receive benefits if the government defaults. Unfortunately, it is largely up to the federal government to decide which programs, if any, will be funded. This means that virtually every individual is at the mercy of the people in Washington to decide their fate. There is also the very real problem of finding a way to fund government programs in the event that there is no money to fund the programs with, which is what will happen if a default is allowed to occur.

In closing, anyone who is receiving Workman’s Comp who is concerned about their ability to continue to receive benefits should contact the Law Offices of Oliver C. Minott with any questions they may have. Having proper legal representation is vitally important at any time, but it is especially important during this time of uncertainty.