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Top Considerations When Hiring a Divorce LawyerTop Considerations When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

When a divorce is imminent, it is clear that you need legal assistance. There are weighty matters involved and you would not want to jeopardize the process. Share of matrimonial property, child custodianship, visitation rights and alimony are some of the issues you would like straightened. You should also take into consideration the legal procedure that dictates how filing should be done. Clearly, you need an experienced attorney to take you through this. The guidelines below will be of great help in your quest to hire divorce lawyer Sacramento services:


There are hundreds of divorce attorneys practicing in Sacramento alone. What sets them apart? Experience is the word. When you approach a few attorneys that you have shortlisted, be sure to find out how many years of practice they have put in. Ask your prospects about the number of divorce cases they have dealt with. The success rate will also disclose a lot about the attorney you are about to hire. On the other hand, confirm that the said attorney only specializes in divorce cases.

Legal fees

Just like in any other profession, divorce attorneys charge their clients a range of fees depending on the services rendered. During the first appointment, find out how much the lawyer charges for consultation, filing and other related activities. Some attorneys operate on an hourly fee basis. There could also be a retainer for the entire process. Get to know about these upfront. Inquire from the lawyer when and how often you will be billed for the service.

Testimonials from other clients

The feelings of past clients will tell you whether you will be in the right hands or not. Find out what they have to say by reading online reviews. You could also request the attorney to give you a list of a few clients that can vouch for his/her services. Obtain permission to interview them. Talk to these people and find out what they have to say about your prospective attorney.

Attorney’s communication ability

A divorce attorney should always be available to respond to your emails and phone calls. He/she should answer your requests promptly. Ask your attorney about his/her operational policies. You can find out more on this by speaking to former clients or reading their remarks on different online platforms. If your attorney will not be available at the time you want to have a meeting, he should tell you who will be there in his place.

Being comfortable with the attorney

Part of the reason behind conducting a one-on-one interview with attorneys is to enable you gauge his ability to relate with clients. Does the attorney listen to you, pay attention and even show a high level of care? If yes, go on and hire him. Anything to the contrary should have you seeking for the service elsewhere.