Month: September 2018

Do You Need An Attorney to Get Divorced?Do You Need An Attorney to Get Divorced?

The short answer to this question…doesn’t exist.

The recognition that you are headed for divorce doesn’t come all at once. It whispers to your soul over a long period of time, sometimes weeks, but mostly months, and sometimes, even years.

You try as hard as you can to ignore the failings of your partner, to stifle that ball of anger in your stomach and keep the peace.

Then, after you’ve done that you get to the point where you don’t care. You say whatever is on your mind not really caring whether you hurt feelings, or if it starts a fight. You walk away from most fights. You pray that your spouse isn’t home when you get home from work. And even, sometimes you pray that they would do something horrible so that you’d have a clear cut reason to divorce them.

The emotions surrounding divorce are varied and complex.

So is the legal system surrounding divorce.

Once you have decided that it is finally over, there is the process of moving out, or separating bedrooms. There are the cold stares from your partner. And if you have children, there are broken hearts and tears from them which add to the agony.

The laws in every state vary in many ways, from child support regulation, to the division of property, you with an attorney or not, are going to be navigating murky waters. You can get information from the internet, however, that information may or may not be accurate. You don’t want to leave yourself in a place where your children, home and property could be taken away from you.

Therefore, it is important to get an attorney who is going to fight for your rights as a parent, as a partner in a legal contract with equal rights to the property obtained during the marriage, and as a person.

Divorce can turn ugly quickly and often people who wanted to complete the divorce without the help of an attorney find out too late that their spouse already has a lawyer and is on the brink of taking over their life.

The best advice is to get an attorney who specializes in family law and knows the ins and outs that will be affecting you during this harsh time in your life.

Don’t be caught off guard. Do your research and find a local lawyer who can help.

If you are in the Greensboro area, find a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer and allow them to use their vast knowledge to help you protect your rights, your children, and your well-being during this difficult time. They will be able to give you advice, show you where your rights are and how to maintain a relationship with your children.

The Scoop on Common Injuries at WorkThe Scoop on Common Injuries at Work

The workplace is one of the most common places for injuries to occur. According to research, one in five people are injured at work. Thousands of individuals are killed at work and millions suffer serious injuries at work. Injured individuals are generally able to recovery from a workplace injury; however, it isn’t uncommon for some workers to be partially or permanently disabled as a result of the injury. Research also suggests that there are a few particular types of injuries that occur more frequently at the workplace than others, which are as follows:

  1. Musculoskeletal Injuries – These are injuries that affect the neck, shoulders, back and limbs. As a general rule, these injuries are a direct result of overexertion, typing, lifting heavy objects, squatting, kneeling, awkward postures and other typical tasks and motions related to a job.
  2. Repetitive Motion Injuries – Probably one of the most common injuries related to repetitive motion in the workplace is carpal tunnel syndrome, although vision problems, back pain and strain muscles are common as well. Unfortunately, these are injuries that are not as obvious as others, but are very harmful in the end. As a general rule, this is covered by workers’ compensation; however, it is always recommended to seek assistance to be sure, such as at
  3. Slip-and-fall Injuries – Whether from a small object on the floor or a puddle of liquid, slip-and-fall injuries are very common in the workplace. They can lead to severe back, shoulder and neck injuries and can often require surgery. These types of injuries can generally be avoided is debris is picked up quickly and spills are immediately cleaned.
  4. Machine Entanglement – Equipment in workplaces must be upheld to a certain standard. When it is not, employees are at risk of injury. When the proper precautions are not taken in the workplace, fingers, clothing and even hair may become entrapped in the machinery resulting in serious injury, or even death.
  5. Falling from Heights – This type of fall occurs when someone falls from an elevated height, such as from the roof, stairways, ladders, etc. In some cases, it can be from a slip-and-fall accident or even due to defective equipment.

Ensuring one is wearing the proper protective equipment and is trained properly can go a long way in reducing common workplace injuries. However, for those that have been injured at work, there are options available.