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Obtaining a Lawyer for a Disability CaseObtaining a Lawyer for a Disability Case

Applying to social security is something that is not for those with thin skin, as it is a long process that can take a huge amount of time. Furthermore, there are a massive amount of steps that must be taken and done in the right manner, or else there is very little chance that you are going to win your case. The typical steps to applying for social security involve going out and getting yourself a great attorney to represent you. Do not skip this part, as you really do need an attorney that really knows what they are doing and dedicates the bulk of their time to social security cases. You would not want to hire an attorney that deals with a ton of different cases, as you really want to find a lawyer that specializes in disability and social security cases.

You are going to have to put in your application, which is basically a general application at first. Unless you are missing a limb, or have a huge disability that can be seen by the eye and apparent, you are going to get denied. Once you get denied, you have to go through a process of appealing several times, which is going to then include going to any doctor that you have seen in the past, gathering up a ton of different documents that prove that you are disabled, and you will have to prove this to the court. There are a lot of formalities that are involved in applying for social security, most of which are used to weed out people that are not really disabled. The reason why it is like this is the fact that there are so many people that are putting in applications for social security benefits that the system really is overwhelmed.

The great thing is, if you do get a highly qualified lawyer, such as the attorneys at Myler Disability, they will be able to walk you through each step. Chances are you will get your disability if you can prove to a judge that you are too disabled to do the type of work that you have done in the past to bring in a paycheck. You do not have the burden of proving that you can’t do any job at all, but that you can’t do the type of work that you have done in the past, which is different in each and every situation and case. Your lawyer will help you to pull up the documents and proof that you need and will help you build a case that you will eventually take in front of a judge, who will hopefully sign off and grant you the benefits you deserve.