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Fighting a DWI chargeFighting a DWI charge

With the punishment for Driving While Intoxicated ranging from minimum of three months’ worth of suspension of your driving license, court fines, obligatory alcohol program, increased insurance expenses for your next vehicle registration, it is more than obvious that you will have to try and fight your DWI charge in order to get the best possible conviction for you.

The single most important thing when you actually get arrested for DWI and you decide to fight the charge is to keep your cools and use the time you have in order to prepare the best you can since these processes tend to move forward with a fair speed.

First of all, there are certain circumstances that you can identify for yourself as bases of your defense. The first ones are related to the actual driving and state that if you were not directly handling the vehicle you cannot be charged for a violation such as DWI. The second ones are related to the act of arrest itself. For example, the court will not have a case against you if the officer that made the arrest did not follow the legal procedure or he lacked the legal justification to stop your vehicle.

These circumstances and a number of others can make a strong case for your side and can have a positive impact on the final conviction however; there is no doubt that you will need to find yourself a well experienced DWI lawyer who will know the ins and outs of the whole process and prepare the best defense for you. Consider the following points when browsing for your perfect legal representative in a situation like this:

Start your research by asking for recommendations from friends and relatives who`ve have similar experience and then carry on to the internet. With the abundance of information there you`ll be able to narrow down your search to a few possible choices.

Go for the experienced ones. An experienced lawyer will produce the best result for your budget since they have already processed hundreds of similar charges and will quickly spot the weaknesses and emphasize the strong sides of your case.

Don`t go for the ones that promise a 100% success. Even though most of the cases the sentence can be reduced with a proper lawyer support, you just cannot believe someone that says they have a success rate of 100% in DWI charges and give them your business. Be carefull when you`re making this decision and search for an attorney that will communicate reasonable results.