Should I Consult With a Lawyer?

You know you qualify for social security disability benefits. For instance, you worked in jobs that paid into the social security system. You also have a medical condition that meets the social security administration’s (SSA) of a disability. However, you still need to consult with a disability lawyer before applying. For example, a lawyer will evaluate your claim, medical records and request medical tests that will further help your case.

Even though you know you’ll qualify for disability, there are some cases where you will be denied. There could be reasons why you are denied such as:

  • You made too much money. The SSA considers a “substantial gainful activity”, or SGA, which means that your income is too high to be disabled. In 2014, the SGA limit for people who aren’t blind was $1,070.
  • Your medical condition won’t last long. You must have severe impairment that lasts at least 12 months.
  • You didn’t follow physical therapy as required unless there is an acceptable medical excuse. If you don’t follow your physical therapist’s orders, it could stop you from receiving disability.
  • The SSA can find you in the system. The Disability Determination Service, or DDS, determines your medical eligibility. If either agency can’t locate you to schedule an examination, you will be denied.
  • You committed fraud by trying to obtain disability benefits.
  • Your disability is caused by a drug or alcohol addiction.
  • You committed a crime that prevents you from collecting social security disability.

So, now you are thinking about reapplying to overturn your denial. You can do this by yourself, but due to various terminology, rules and deadlines, you will need a lawyer. For example, a disability lawyer will know the type of evidence needed to support your claim. In addition, he or she will advise you of the relevant laws and how to proceed with your claim.

You have worked and put money into the system. You are disabled and need that money back to support yourself and your family. You shouldn’t go through the process alone. Instead, you should consult a disability lawyer.

It often takes a couple of attempts before a denial is overturned and you receive your benefits. However, with the help of a disability lawyer, you have a legal warrior on your side to help you. If you are in the Kansas, Missouri or Illinois and need help with any social security disability questions, concerns or assistance.

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