Questions To Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

So you find yourself in a car accident and have sustained serious injuries that will require extensive medical care. Instead of stressing about how you are going to pay for all of the new expenses, think about hiring a personal injury attorney. If you are around the San Antonio area perhaps considering contacting the Law Offices of Jan Perry Lederer for some great advice. She is experienced in helping individuals suffering from injuries including physical, emotional, or mental and getting you the compensation and relief you are entitled to. When meeting with an attorney there are some key questions you’ll want to ask.

First, it is important to ask about the attorney’s educational background. You’ll want to know whether or not they have a solid education and if they know their stuff or not. Second, along the same lines you should ask if they have taken any continuing education classes recently. Lawyers are required to take a certain number of hours of continuing education in their field each year to stay current. Third, it is important to ask how long they have been in practice. You’ll want someone seasoned to work with because they’ll know the ins and outs very well. Fourth, you can ask how many claims they have settled outside of court. This obviously is the goal, as going to court can take months or even years. You want to know you have a good negotiator on your side.

Fifth, you’ll want to make sure that the attorney you choose to work with typically works with the individual who is injured and not the insurance company. This is important because you want to make sure that your attorney is completely committed to you. Sixth, you’ll want to ask who also works with this attorney. Would it just be them you would be working with, or is there an associate or paralegal also assigned you’d deal with as well. Seventh, you can ask them flat out if they expect your case going to trial given the information and details you provided. Trials can be long and costly, so you typically want to try your best to settle outside of court. Eighth, in the event it goes to trial, what sort of trial experience does this attorney have? Trial is very different than in an office and negotiating. You want someone who is a tiger and comfortable in the courtroom. Ninth, you want to make sure the attorney will honor your wishes so ask them flat out, if at any time during the process you want to settle and the attorney doesn’t agree, if they will support you and finalize things appropriately. Tenth, make sure you know all their fees. If they charge a retainer or work on contingency make sure you completely understand it and both of you are on the same page in regard to fees and costs. You want to know absolutely everything upfront. If you ask these pointed questions you can rest assured that you will make the most out of your initial consultation and be able to retain a great attorney to help you win your case.

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