Day: February 9, 2019

Hiring a Criminal Defense AttorneyHiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

The majority of people in the Houston area that need to hire a criminal defense attorney usually have little experience with being in trouble with the law. The minute they are arrested, they simply choose the first attorney they can find out of fear of spending any time in prison. Use a few of these tips to ensure you hire the best criminal defense attorney in Houston.

A Board Certified Attorney

If you do nothing else when looking to hire a criminal defense attorney, make certain they are certified with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. There are well over 70,000 lawyers that are currently practicing here in Houston, but there are only under 200 that are board certified. This will ensure that if your case goes to trial you have the absolute best chance of beating the case.Years of Experience

Just like any other profession, the more years experience on the job, the better the person is at what they do. Trail experience is very important when it comes to finding and hiring the right criminal defense attorney. Find out if they have recently become a defense attorney after a long career as a prosecutor. The transition is often difficult, and you do not want to be one of the first cases they are trying as a defense attorney.

Trust Your Gut Feelings

This criminal defense attorney in Houston will basically be holding your life in their hands, so make sure that you communicate well with them. If you get the feeling that you are just another case and that they are not getting emotionally involved, it might be a good idea to look for an attorney you communicate better with. They should be easy to talk to and yet aggressive when it comes time to defending you in front of the court.

Time To Pay The Bill

Make sure that you understand the payment structure, and then be certain that you are comfortable with the payment plan. Just because an attorney says that they promise to be the lowest rates in Houston, never let that be deciding factors in how you choose your attorney. You are most likely going to be paying for these fees upfront, so getting a crystal clear understanding of the payment should be laid out in your written contract. If your criminal defense attorney decides to charge you per court setting, you might want to negotiate a different payment structure.

Paying for each court setting could wide up costing you a tremendous amount more than a traditional defense attorney fee. In addition to paying more, if you lose the case, you are going to be spending much more and be extremely unhappy too.